Padded Zippered Flute Soft Case - Medium Up to 25.5"

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Medium Soft Case - this is the ideal protective flute case. It has a center divider so it will hold up to two instruments. The exterior is a plush cotton suede cloth that is completely lined and has 1" foam padding sewn into all sides giving the flutes the ultimate protection. Ideal for your valuable instruments.
To test the bags protective capability we enclosed one of our flutes into the bag and dropped it from a height of 6 feet. The flute was completely unharmed. This case has a shoulder strap, is light weight (less than 1 pound), insulates against heat and cold, is ideal for traveling. Unlike top opening cases the side zipper allows the fetish to stay in its proper position during the process of taking the flute in & out. Ideal for your valuable instruments.

The medium bag fits any flute up to 25” like the A Sparrow hawks, the Kestrel, Whitetail Hawk, and Merlin. It fits any flute up to 25.5" long and with an outside diameter no larger than 1.25” and a height including the bird block of 4.5”.   It is hard to tell from the picture but the color is more maroon than tan.  The flute is not included.