432Hz EarthTone Flute key of G – Walnut

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The “EarthTone Flute” – 432Hz frequency tuning

In the world of music there has been a revival of tuning instruments to the frequency of 432Hz. Until recently, most instruments have been tuned to the frequency of 440Hz also known as Concert Pitch 440. Concert Pitch 440 was established as a standard at the beginning of the 20th century, prior to that instruments for the most part were tuned to the frequency of 432Hz.

The 432Hz frequency is being accredited with being closer to the vibration of nature and more harmonious to man’s musical experience. In relationship to the flute, many feel that the vibration of the 432Hz frequency increases the heart-felt connection that the native flute already produces. This is a practical choice especially for playing or recording with instruments that are tuned to the 440Hz standard. Please note, though subtle in difference, instruments tuned to 432 Hz  do not pair with instruments tuned to 440 Hz.

Hear a flute in the Key of G 432Hz

Sound Clip 1

The High Spirits EarthTone Flute is engraved with two of the geometric patterns of the 432Hz frequency with a Rainbow Moonstone set in the center of each one. An instrument known as a CymaScope is used to project the physical geometric patterns of any specific vibration. By connecting the CymaScope to a vessel of liquid or a solid medium such as sand on a plate, the vibration of a specific frequency will create consistent unique geometric shapes.

When played along side flutes that are tuned to the 440Hz frequency, the 432Hz frequency the tonal difference is very subtle. The 8 cycles (Hertz) of tonal difference are seemingly slight in degree of difference but it can be perceptibly different when experiencing the feeling of the music we hear. Much like the subtle inflection of the human voice that can project a subtle variation in feeling, an instrument with a slight change in frequency can alter the experience of the music being played.

This High Spirits Flute also comes with an excellent DVD with Beginner and Intermediate lessons that includes instructions on how to play the flute, use different techniques, how to care for it, and more. An instructional booklet including fingering charts is also included

Due to the natural nature of wood the grain and coloring may be slightly different than the flute in the photos.  

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This is a large flute and not all people can comfortable play a flute this long.  Mark down the tone holes from the chart below on a dowel or rolled up piece of paper to see if you can comfortably play this flute.

Key: G Minor - 6 Hole Tuned to 432Hz.
Wood: Walnut
Total Length: 22 3/8"
Mouthpiece to first hole center: 11 5/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #2 center:  12 3/4"
Mouthpiece to hole #3 center: 13 7/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #4 center: 15 1/4"
Mouthpiece to hole #5 center: 16 3/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #6 center: 17 3/8"
Outside Diameter: 1 1/4"
Bore: 7/8"