432 Hz Earth Tone Native American Style Flutes by High Spirits

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What is 432 Hz Pitch?
Most Native American flutes, and most musical instruments for that matter have been tuned so that the “A” note (of the middle octave on a piano) is tuned to 440 Hz (Hz = cycles per second). This is known as Concert Pitch and was established as a standard at the beginning of the 20th century.

The High Spirits EarthTone© Flutes use a lower 432 Hz frequency for the “A” note and all other notes are aligned accordingly. When played alongside flutes that are tuned to the frequency of 440Hz, the 432Hz tonal difference is very subtle.  Please note, though subtle in difference, instruments tuned to 432 Hz  do not pair with instruments tuned to 440 Hz.

The 432Hz frequency is being accredited with being closer to the vibration of nature and more harmonious to man’s musical experience. In relationship to the flute, many feel that the vibration of the 432Hz frequency increases the heart-felt connection that the native flute already produces. Recently flute creators have chosen to make both tunings (440Hz and 432Hz) a part of their instrument collections. This is a practical choice especially for playing or recording with instruments that are tuned to the 440Hz standard.

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The term “good vibes” is slang for good vibrations or feelings. Vibrations have a great influence on us and it can be said that all aspects of this physical world are filled with vibrations. On a daily basis, vibrations are not seen but instead felt. When listening to music, or even just normal conversation, the intensity or calmness of the sound vibration has an effect on what we perceive or feel. Aggressive music can agitate us, a calm voice can sooth us, these are all aspects of sound vibration and they can be measured as well as visualized. The claims and potential benefits cannot all be scientifically proven so we suggest letting your personal experience be the deciding factor in your choice of tuning.

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