Blanket Flute Bag for BASS Flutes 23" to 36.5"

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The Blanket Flute Bags are constructed from durable blanket like material. They are machine washable and the material used has a nice feel to it.  These bags protect a flute from marring, scratches, and excessive sun exposure.   It breaths also to allow your flute to completely dry out. 

Fits flutes the vary large Bass flutes like the High Spirits Condor Bass flutes in the key of LOW bass  E, D, C, B, or any flute from 23" to 36.5" long.   It is 6 inches wide to allow room for the animal block. 
The fold-over top flap provides extra protection, while the lace tie closure secures the flute within the bag.

The pattern may vary slightly from the photo based on supply.
The flute in the photo is not included.