Flute Bag Suede Cloth, Padded inside - Small Up to 20.5" - 2nd

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This is a new bag but the button has become detached.  So it is just a flap.  I will include the button if you want to try to sew it back on but unlike the pictures below the button is loose. 

This Flute Bag is made with a double layer.  For added protection the  inside is padded quilting cloth and the outside is suede cloth.  The shoulder strap makes it ideal to include the flute in outdoor activities and the horn button latches the flap securely. This is made of durable suede cloth and double lined with a quilted padding.  A flute bag will help protect your flute from sunlight, dust and damage. For flutes up to 20.5" in length and inside it is 4.5" wide at the top.

The flute in the photo is not included.