Authentic Native American Flute Starter Kit, Key of A 6 Hole

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This beginning flute kit is a great way to get started with an Authentic Native American flute.  Native American flutes by Jonah Thompson are authentic hand made Native American flutes.

Jonah Thompson is Dine and grew up on the Navajo Reservation in Kayenta, Arizona. He is born to the Coyote Pass clan and born for the Red House People clan of the Navajo people. Flute making was taught to him by his uncle.

Each of his hand made flutes comes with a hand carved animal fetish wind block. Jonah does a really fine job crafting these wooden flutes from Ponderosa Pine and the carved animal blocks are just amazing. He hand tunes each flute and they all come with a leather block tie down, beads and feathers.

This kit contains:
Authentic Native American Flute made by Jonah Thompson in the key of A
Your choice of animal block
Beginning Song Book
Instructional DVD, with Beginners and Intermediate lessons by Odell Borg PLUS More
Flute Beginner Booklet by Odell Borg
Flute Instructional Booklet by Jonah Thompson
Hear a Flute in the key of A

Sound Clip 1

Sound Clip 2

The key of A is a great key for a beginning flute as well as a must have key for the flute enthusiast. The hole spacing is great for hands on the smaller side but not to close for larger hands. So the key of A is a good balanced key.

Jonah makes these flutes by hand, hand tunes them and hand carves the animal fetishes as well. These flutes are a great value and wonderful instruments. They are 6 hole instruments made of ponderosa pine that has a warm tone similar to cedar.
You may choose the animal block from the option selection.

Beginner, Introduction to Native American Flute 

Some Subjects covered are:
Breath Control
Basic Fingering
5 and 6 Hole Flutes
Getting an Even Sound
The Flute Fetish
Playing Melodies
Choosing a Flute
Developing Rhythm
Care of Flute and more

An instructional booklet including fingering charts is also included. Fingering charts include: Minor Pentatonic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. Minor Pentatonic Scales for 6 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. Chromatic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. Chromatic Scales for 6 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. As well as some additional scales like the Major Diatonic & Pentatonic Scale. North America NTSC format only. 

Intermediate Instructions and Techniques 
Odell's new 70-minute-long video of intermediate techniques for Native American flutes, lots of good stuff here. This is the most comprehensive teaching DVD I have seen, clearly, logically advancing from step by step and it covers a lot of ground. This DVD presents the next step in your flute journey. Odell makes the techniques simple and easy to understand. We all get stuck playing the same melody over and over. Odell shows ways of varying the playing style and of utilizing new techniques to enhance your flute experience. North America NTSC format only.
In a Rut?
Moisture Control
Playing Together
Flute Diversity
Flute Care and More

Beginners Song Book
Here is a book of 15 simple songs written for beginners to be played on the six hole Native American flute. These are our easiest songs. Four songs may be played as rounds with two groups or two flutes. No music reading skills are necessary, as all the notations are graphics of the 6 holes, the dark holes being the ones you must cover with your fingers to make that particular tone. It is spiral bound so it lays flat in a music stand. Native American flute music comes from the soul, and is normally extemporaneous, but sometimes it is useful to have some music to practice as you learn to play it, and that is why this book can fulfill a special need.  
1. One Wolf, 2. Amber Tipi, 3. Soaring Hawk, 4. Clay Pot, 5. Bear Fetish, 6. Feather Treasure, 7. Woven Basket, 8. Drum, 9. Dreamcatcher, 10. My Medicine Bag (A Round), 11. Softest Blanket (A Round), 12.Thunderbird (A Round), 13. Buffalo Song (A Round), 14. Kokopelli, 15. Deerskin Moccasins

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Mark down the tone holes from the chart below on a dowel or rolled up piece of paper to see if you can comfortably play this flute.

Key: A Minor - 6 Hole 
Wood: Ponderosa Pine
Total Length: 17 3/4"
Mouthpiece to first hole center: 8 3/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #2 center:  9 3/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #3 center: 10 3/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #4 center: 11 5/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #5 center: 12 5/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #6 center: 13 3/4"
Outside Diameter: 1 1/4"
Bore: 7/8"