Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Free Samples of Native American Flute Songs from our Song Book Series

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FREE Flute Songs

Fingering Charts for Native American Flutes

Click here for various fingering charts in PDF format. 
Flute Fingering Chart  


FREE Gift Pocket New Testament

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We do this because the Bible has literally changed our lives and we hope you will receive as much a blessing as we have.

Hymn Arrangements

To see our Hymn Arrangements and Piano Pieces, click here.


Bible Story Book for Young Children, Illustrated

Each lesson is Biblically accurate and about 1 minute long. 

Click here to download Complete OT and NT in PDF format

If the above file is too big for you to download use the OT and NT links separately, links below:

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Click here to download New Testament in PDF format
Children's Bible Story Book


Westminster Catechism for Young Children Songs

Would you like to teach your children some basic truths about God? Would you like to teach the children in your church some basic information about God?
Via this song, it’s easy to teach them many things they should know! Your children will learn the questions of the Westminster Catechism for Young Children while enjoying singing together. I wrote this song about 10 years ago; it is mine to give away. I want you to use it, and if you want to, please photocopy it to share it with others. I receive no compensation for this song. I am glad to share it to you. This song has been used at preschools with great success, where the children liked to sing it – and the nice thing was that while they sang, they learned about God and His Word. Please use the song, with my compliments as a free PDF format download!

Click here to download the sheet music in PDF format questions 1 - 71. 
Some of the questions in the song book are:
1 Who made you? God made me. 2 What else did God make? God made all things. 3 Why did God make you and all things? For His own glory. 4 How can you glorify God? By loving Him and doing what He commands. 5 Why ought you to glorify God? Because He made me and takes care of me. 6 Are there more gods than one? There is only one God. 7 In how many persons does this one God exist? In three persons. 8 What are they? The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 9 What is God? God is a Spirit, and has not a body like men. 10 Where is God? God is everywhere. 11 Can you see God? No, I cannot see God but He always sees me. 12 Does God know all things? Yes, nothing can be hid from God. 

catechism for children


Bible Alphabet Songs, Carol LaForet

In alphabetical order, here are 26 little songs that will teach you or your children 26 Bible verses. Each song is a verse from the New King James Bible. (Except for one, which needed the King James version to do the V verse!)  Singing Bible verses lends itself to review, as you can sing through the alphabet of Bible verse songs in the car, or while walking in the park, etc. And these are 26 verses your children will never forget, because they are so easily reviewed. 

Click here to download the sheet music in PDF of Bible Alphabet Songs


The LORD's Prayer set to music, by Carol LaForet

The Lord's Prayer set to music.  The best way to memorize them.
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If a man dies shall he live again?

Is there more for us when this life is over?
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Isaiah 53 set to Music

The best way to memorize Scripture is by learning it in song and music.    This is Isaiah 53 Verses 1 - 6 set to music that you can teach your kids. 

Click here to download the sheet music in PDF of Isaiah 53


Books of the Bible Set to Music,
by Carol LaForet

Old Testament Books titles set to music.  The best way to memorize them.
Click here to download the sheet music in PDF of Old Testament Books

New Testament Books titles  set to music.  The best way to memorize them.
Click here to download the sheet music in PDF of New Testament Books


Children's Christmas Choir Songs for Church, The Road to Bethlehem, by Carol LaForet

The Road to Bethlehem is a collection of six new Christmas songs for Church and school children's choirs.
It is also suitable for INTERMEDIATE PIANO STUDENTS and is also available in a simpler format. 
The Road to Bethlehem may be downloaded for free in PDF file format. 

Click here for details of both the free download and the book

 Children's Bible Music


Classic Christian Books, Creeds, Confessions, Commentaries and online Resource Links

Christian Classic Books
They are all free to download or use online. By Classic I mean written in the 1700's back to 50 AD.
Click here for Classic Christian Books.


The care and feeding of a Band Flute

How to take care of your band or orchestral flute.
To download PDF file, click here.


Blank Staff Music for Piano

Blank staff sheets to compose your masterpieces.
To download PDF file, 
click here.  


The Wonderful Wallaby Sweater Pattern Help File

A tutorial to help you understand the Wonderful Wallaby Sweater Knitting Pattern, in size 2.To download PDF file, click here.


Hymn Arrangements

To see our Hymn Arrangements and Piano Pieces, click here.