High Spirits Native American Style Flutes - Arizona

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High Spirits flutes are professional quality and many are used in concert venues

All High Spirits flutes are constructed with a uni-body design, which means that they are crafted out of a single piece of wood (instead of gluing two halves together as is so common). The tolerances on each flute are precise and measurable to thousandths of an inch. After the hole pattern and air passages are created each flute is hand sanded, buffed and hand burnished and then sealed with a specially formulated non-toxic hardening oil for durability and clarity of sound. They do not use any polyurethane's on the flutes. Each flute is precision-tuned so that it will blend perfectly with other instruments.​ All these flutes are in the Minor Scale.  These flutes are tuned to 440Hz

Odell Borg

Odell Borg, the maker of High Spirits flutes,  has gained extensive recognition as a maker of fine quality Native American style flutes. Odell heritage of German and Chippewa Indian is reflected in the design and craftsmanship of his fine musical instruments. 

Odell Borg has been an artist craftsman for many years. Being of European and Chippewa descent, Odell developed a deep respect for the Native American culture and the gifts that they have to share. Odell has become an internationally known master flute maker. He has won numerous awards for his work and has been honored by many professional musicians that use his flutes for their performances and recordings as well as having the instruments displayed as sculptures and visual art pieces. 

Each High Spirits Flute comes with an excellent DVD and booklet that includes instructions on how to play the flute, how to use different techniques, how to care for it, as well as sample songs, and more.

Consider adding a Song Book to your order 

All the flutes are 6 hole and come with a leather tie that easily converts them into a 5 hole flute. When comfortable, just remove the leather tie and experience the use of the 6 hole flute. When used as a 5-hole flute it is in the pentatonic scale. When the 6th hole under the leather tie is exposed the flute will play the relative major key in both the Diatonic and Chromatic scales.
The mid-range and high-range flutes play 1 & 1/3 octaves. The bass flutes are a one-octave instrument.

If you want a flute that is not currently on sale, email me to see if it may be going on sale soon, you may be surprised. 

Excerpts from customer emails and letters about the High Spirit flutes:

...High Spirits flutes offer the quality and consistency I need as a professional. Whether you are a professional or a beginner you know you are getting a flute that will play your song.” - Jan Michael Looking Wolf
...We absolutely LOVE this High Spirits flute! My husband and I both play it. The tone is so beautiful....
...The red tail hawk in G is actually the best flute I have in my collection. High Spirits sure know what they're doing!..
...The High Spirits flute is a work of art, plays and looks beautiful.
...the best playing flute i own,,,,,
...it is so beautiful, & the sound is Fantastic,so rich & even Haunting....so very peaceful to listen to..
...I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my High Spirits flute! ...WOW, – the sound is enchanting and deep – it is so easy to play! It smells divinely of cedar and leather – and is amazingly beautiful....
...I love my new High Spirits flute! I am surprised at how quickly I am learning basic scales and songs. It's almost like the High Spirit flute is intuitive, like it encourages the beginner to keep going, keep tryin... 

What Customers Say About the Flutes 

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