Authentic Navajo Made Leather Ceremonial Rawhide Rattle 8" long

  • $19.99

Leather Navajo Made Ceremonial Rawhide Rattle

The rattle is 8" total length and the ball is about 2" in diameter one way and 1 3/4" the other way.  

​Each of these beautiful rattles was hand crafted by Larry Cly, Navajo and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. They are decorated with natural feathers, a string of mixed color bead wrapping, brass, crow beads and horse hair. The handle is wrapped with stitched leather and has a round rattle. 
Because these are made of natural materials the rattles may differ slightly from the photos.
You are getting a unique item. 

NOTE: Due to U.S. Federal government restrictions this item cannot be shipped outside the United States.