Take Home the Sea - A volume of seaside poetry

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Some of us crave the sea; we yearn for its broad vistas, its salty mists, the rolling, joyous rise of its swells - and we plot to spend our spare days seaside. 
This volume of poetry is written for fellow sea-lovers who, at vacation’s end, would surely take the sea home with them if only they could. 

There are 63 poems in this 80 page illustrated book. 

It is my hope that when they read these poems they will almost feel sea breezes stirring their hair. . . will practically hear gulls’ cries and crashing surf at dawn. . . that through these poems they will indeed be able to Take Home the Sea.
C. W. LaForet,   Bucks County, PA

Take Home the Sea is a charming collection of seaward poetry, written for those who love the sea. The poems are replete with ocean breezes, the crash of surf, and the cries of sea gulls; on a wintry night, Take Home the Sea will warm your heart. 

5 1/2" x 8 1/2", 80 Pages, Illustrated,

ISBN 0-9706052-0-X, LCCN 00-192916