Customers Say

The Songbook set for 6 hole flutes is an unbelievably fantastic value! Extremely well put together book series!
Very fast shipping and well packaged! Perfect communication! Top shelf! Thank you!

Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous flute and book, there is definitely an extra dimension to a musical instrument made by someone with the living culture in their veins....the flute really sings, and I look forward to exploring the possibilities of all those marvellous tunes...
God Bless you and keep you whole

Hello Walt & Carol
I ordered a flute on Saturday. It was sold at a discount because it had a blemish/flaw.
Buying sight and sound unseen ,and the cheapest thing in the proverbial store, I was prepared for the worst . I had already given myself the "You get what you pay for speech" while I settled in for a two week wait for my flute. -
Imagine my surprise Tuesday afternoon finding an intact box on my doorstep. I mustered the nerve to open the box this evening and did not find a cheap, broken mistake in judgement. It plays as well as I need it to. That will encourage me to keep learning what it can show me. I think it is lovely to look at, and feels balanced in my hands. I have small fingers but I seem to both cover the holes and reach them without feeling I will drop the flute.
Thank you for the gift.

I think I forgot to thank you for the beautiful flute you sold me. The sound is warm and mellow. My cats and my husband love the sound when I play. I use it as meditation and a way to express my soul to the Creator. I will need another flute in another key. But I thank you for this wonderful instrument.

I just recieved my flute. I LOVE it. I had tears in my eyes when I held it in my hands for the first time. I have waited over 30 years to own one. Thank you so very much.

The greatest gift I have ever given myself!!! Thank you so much!!!

Hi I just wanted to say that I absolutely love playing this flute thank you so much for what you do the flute you made is amazing quality and sound and finally at 47 learning to play my first instrument ....even when I'm practicing with your book outside when the neighbours walk past with their dogs...they all comment how lovely the sound is plus it brings back my memories of the spiritual centre I used to go to in Queensland now I have moved interstate.....a grateful blessing that you make yours affordable for the everyday person to be able to purchase and enjoy! White light and blessings. Warmest Regards,

I LOVE my collection of flute music books! These books are great. They give you the fingerings - so there is no need to read music - just play along. Even if I don't play the songs the way it is written exactly - it gives me new melodies and note combinations that lead me into new songs or variations of my own as I tend to play more freestyle. The books are large and easily read from a few feet's distance, which is important with larger flutes. They sit perfectly on a music stand or just laid on a table or on the floor. Shipping was very fast! The books arrived in flawless condition. Bound by hand - with cute scteches on the front covers - a very organic and natural feel. I am extremely happy with this seller and with the wonderful product. If you are looking at these, don't hesitate. They are wonderful!

I am thrilled with my new Jonah Thompson flute in the key of A.  The tone is wonderful and the pony fetish is amazing.  Many thanks to Mr Thompson for sharing his heritage with those of us who aren’t Native American by blood but feel a connection by spirit. 

I LOVE your piano music. God has blessed you with a great talent. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I ordered a D from you and I can't tell you how much I love that flute. The holes were just right and the beautiful sound is so beautiful. Thank you so much for recommending this flute to me.
Respectfully yours, CG

I’ve just played through your new piano hymn book. I love it! I love Praise my Soul. I was surprised by some places- like measure 9. I love the whole book.
Your arrangements are so fresh. I truly hope you consider arranging more and more. For there is such a need for good arrangements of beloved hymns. In fact, I know of a few people who are hoping for another christmas book! What do you think? :)
Thank you for all of your hard work, the careful fingering etc. They are a blessing to me. Now you know what- I never heard ‘Some Golden Daybreak’ before- thats a new one to me!! Love,

Hi Walt and Carol,
My flute is fantastic! Currently, I'm on a year-long world trip, and the flute has become my constant partner.
Thanks for this fantastic instrument, I've used it so much and enjoy every moment. Somehow I still find new ways to amaze myself with this instrument.

I cannot recommend more. I purchased two flutes from them.
This is probably the best customer service I have ever experienced! Thank you!

Thank You, great service
The Flute was of higher quality than I expected.
The sound is A+
I can't thank you enough

I just want you to know that I received my order very quickly, it was exactly as advertised, but most importantly, I could not be more pleased with the flute and Odell's instructional dvd! I received another brand of flute as a gift from a friend, a "signature" model, and it does not compare to my madrone Red Hawk. It is a quality flute, and even though I am a total novice at playing the flute, I can't wait to play it each day! The instructional books & dvd enabled me to play & enjoy it right away. I can say that one flute is not sufficient when you get hooked, as they water out and have to be given a rest before I'm ready to quit.
Thanks again

The greatest gift I have ever given myself!!! Thank you so much!!!

Mr. LaFloret,
Let me begin by saying that the flute I ordered from you Monday was shipped quickly and arrived just in time to give my teenage son for Christmas Eve. We have been looking at this flute for several months, and this year, being that I could only afford to give him one gift, I thought this would be the best gift to stand alone. I had no idea how much he would love it, how quickly he would be able to play it, or how truly beautiful the music he would create with it would be. It is truly one of the best gifts I have ever given him. Thank you so very, very much.
Again, thank you infinitely.

Hi Walt,
My husband really loves his flute. I'm glad we got it. It has a great rich tone, and is wonderful to play out in the woods, or anywhere. Thanks for your good service.

I just want to tell you I love the Flute I got from you it is better than some that I paid so much more. I am not native but I love the playing of the flute. My wife is native and she told me that the Navajo people take pride in what they do. Its been a great path and I can't wait to see the end.

My wife's flute playing is always a beautiful thing and the flute that I purchased from you as a gift to her has definitely become a favorite in her collection due to both the quality and tone of the instrument. I do appreciate the great customer service you provided in our transaction and I am sure that when she decides to add another to her collection she will look to your offerings first.
Thanks Again and Have a Great Week!

Hello Walt
The flute to my surprise arrived yesterday!! wow fast shipping!! I can't express how please I am with it. Its voice it beautiful and your right.. my desire grows for more. I can't stop playing it, the only thing that forces me is my bottom finger gives out, needs to be stretched. I really think I am going to be looking at a Earth flute as my next buy. I would like to lowest key, I feel so much better after playing the flute!!
Take care

Hello, Walt & Carol: 
You've probably noticed that over the course of this year I bought 5 or 6 of your Jonah Thompson flutes in A. All were for gifting. I have played N A flute for about 3 1/2 years now and have quite a (modest) collection. My favorites were all made by Marvin Yazzie, such that I bought a 'Wolf Spirit' from you, although I already had one in redwood, my all-time favorite flute. I wanted to see how it would be in poplar - just about as good - I still prefer the redwood, but am glad to 'trade off' on the two.
Thank you for stocking some Yazzies. I'm doing what I can to introduce folks out here in the east to the flute, and I give you as a great source for affordable flutes. Also I'm delighted to see you offer the deerskin 'lace' for tying on the block. I wanted to replace a few and couldn't find that anywhere.
So keep on keeping on, and I'll be in touch.
Peace to all beings, 

Scott August's comments about Marvin Yazzie's flutes prompted the purchase of this flute..which arrived today, much sooner than expected.
It is a truly wonderful--not a term that I use freely-- instrument!
I must agree with Scott's assessment and description and will not repeat his words. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am!
My other flutes (six) have individual characteristics..some positive, some negative, as with all things. However suffice it to say that this flute will be the one which is played most often! Even now I am anxious to return to my music space!
Thank you for prompt service !

Walt & Carol,
I wanted you to know that I really like the Stellar flute--it is lightweight, has a smooth finish & a lovely voice. It is easy to play & I find much satisfaction in just listening to the lovely tones as I make up my own songs. 
I am 73 years old, have been playing traditional instruments since I was 13, but have never gotten as much satisfaction as when I am playing the Native American flutes. I don't know if it is my imagination, but when I play outdoors, the music seems even more beautiful.
You must be very pleased to know that the products you offer make the world a more pleasant & peaceful place. Thanks for sharing it.

Walt & Carol
I received my ebonized Crow Flute (G) today, and just had to let you know how impressed I am with the craftsmanship that is obvious in its construction and finish. Coupled with its design, my wife and I both feel it's more than worthy of being displayed prominently.
The music it produces is very soothing, even at my rudimentary skill level, and I expect it's an instrument I'll treasure for many years.
Thank you for all that you both have put into these instruments, may you live the serenity embodied by them, throughout your lives.

Hi Walt. 
I absolutely love the flute. I love that the flute is small and the holes are closer together for my fingers to reach. It has beautiful tones for such a small flute. I haven't had a chance yet to download some of the songs, but I have been making up some of my own songs for now. 
I may have to look through your flute selections again for another addition to my flute collection. 
Thanks again. 

Hi there! 
I ordered one of your flutes for myself about a month ago and now decided that, since I loved it so much, I am buying one for my sister who is ill and must rest. I thought one of your flutes would help her exercise her lungs. Your flutes are a lovely way to make the world a more beautiful melodious place to live!

Thanks, Walt! 
This Jonah Thompson (flute) plays beautifully. It has a very mellow, soulful sound. 
My technique is still lacking. I just need to practice, practice :)

Hi Walt,
Our flute arrived today and we have had a fluteing good time all afternoon. We are very pleased with your service and will pass on the word! 
Thanks again, 

Hello Walt 
i thought I would send you a quick e mail to say that my Jonah Thompson flute has arrived. I am delighted with it and love how simple it is to play, I also enjoyed your imaginative and eco friendly packaging. Perfect. Thanks again. 

I received my ordered flute. Only four words can explain my feelings. Excellent product. Excellent service. Thank You. I plan to play it on the AT trail. Hope no one minds. Thanks again. 

hey walter! thank you very much, i got the flue and it's amazing, you guys are great! if i was near you i would give you all a big hug! :D

I just wanted to respond to let you know how happy I am with the flute I received.
Native American Flute music haunted me ever since I first heard it in a canyon while hiking outside of Moab Utah years ago.
Its a sound that touches my soul.  The flute I received, made by High Spirits, is indicative of that spiritual sound quality.
I play from the heart, as best I can, to be as pure and as true to the flute as I can.
The CD by Odell Borg that accompanied the flute also reflects that which feel and I found it to be excellent.
To play unconditional is to release the true nature of the flute and I am most pleased with the sound energy that comes forth.

I wanted to let you know that i received my flute yesterday and i absolutely love it, i have never played a flute before but it feels so natural i just know that this instrument was meant for me. It is something that i will cherish for the rest of my life and teach my children to play and for that i can not say thank you enough. Blessings to you all.

Hello Walt & Carol,
I get along well with all my flutes. The Spirit Flute is one of my favorites. As a matter of fact I have four different "C" Spirit Flutes. My next will be a "G".
Thanks for keeping in touch. I will be back.

Hello Walt.
We're getting along just great, thank you. The sound is haunting and beautiful. Love it. The red tail hawk in G is actually the best flute I have in my collection. High Spirits sure know what they're doing!
Thank you so much, really good customer service! 
Have a nice weekend,
Best wishes, A

Hello Walt,
My wife has really enjoyed her flute, it has a very nice sound and is really a work of art. Thanks for the follow up.
Best Regards,

Hi Walt,
I just wanted to say thank you for the perfect selection on the flute!
It is very easy to play and feels totally natural in my hands!
The walnut grain is exactly what I pictured! Best of all is it's beautiful tone.
I couldn't be happier!
Thank you!

Walt & Carol,
Hi, thanks for writing. The flute is great and I'm very happy with it. I hope to some day be able to do it's workmanship justice with my playing ability. I think I'll have to get one in G minor next. Thanks.

What a great flute! I have several, but the tone of this one is really clear. I also like that the tuning block is not a carved totem. I don't really need that, and the slide version on this spirit flute is excellent. You'll have to tell me how to use it!
It's a darn good thing you don't have a shop! I'd spend my whole paycheck on flutes if they are all as good as this one. Rest assured I'll be a repeat buyer. Also, am interested in any quality flutes with really, great tone. The gingerbread is incidental to me.
Thanks Walt for your emails, and for getting a great flute into my hands so quickly.

Walt and Carol, 
I received my ethnic flute in the key of c. It is lovely and has very good sound. Now it is up to me to perfect my playing. In just a few hours of practicing and experimentation I can already play a few tunes. Though not perfectly. I can see a few more flutes in different keys in my future. So many hymns are in F and D! Thanks for the wonderful service and top notch website. 
Sent from my iPhone

Hi Walt & Carol,
We love our flutes and tell our friends about you. Love your customer service. Many blessings for the Holiday season.
Thank you,
R & R

Sorry I took so long to respond. My wife is learning to play some simple music on the flute and she really enjoys it. When it's not in use, she has it hanging on the wall in her native american display so it fits in nicely. We are very happy with the flute and can recommend to anyone interested in obtaining a flute to check out your selection! Thank you for following up with us!

Received my order, it was exactly as described. Very Happy with it and already playing some tunes. Thanks!

Walt & Carol
the truth is I love the flute, the description on the website is perfect, fits the size of my hands, and the sound is just what I expected
with respect to the photo, I will try to send it later, I have no digital camera, my computer is old, then I will try some friends, took me a picture
sorry if my English is not good, I'm from chile and sometimes it is difficult to write correctly
thank you very much

Hello Walt & Carol,
Just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be happier with the flute. I'm extremely impress with the craftsmanship and quality of the instrument. Looking forward to purchasing other flutes from you in the future. Thanks for your interest in my satisfaction. Thanks again......
Sent from my iPad

Thank you for your email,, I have been playing the flute , as I can. It has been a wonderful tool for me. My original reason for wanting it was to help heal my broken heart, My daughter and I lost our beloved Dog. So as I played the flute my heart got a little lighter , slowly I dont know I dont know if I will ever be able to play actual songs,, it is more important to me to just let the notes come as they may. Thank you for making such a wonderful healing tool

Hello Walt i thought I would send you a quick e mail to say that my Jonah Thompson flute has arrived. My friend P G Jones kindly ordered it for me on 9th feb and it arrived today. I am delighted with it and love how simple it is to play, I also enjoyed your imaginative and eco friendly packaging. Perfect. Thanks again. 

What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Walt and Carol - the flute was actually a gift for my husband, and he absolutely LOVES it. :)
I appreciate your taking the time to follow up on the purchase - I would love to send you both a photo of him playing it, and will do so before week's end. Thank you again - the flute is beautiful!
-R M

Walt & Carol
i have received my flute in the mail and it looks and sounds amazing, would like to thank you very much for your amazing service. im sure i will have many many years of fun playing my new flute and will recommend you to all of my friends.
Many Thanks 

Hi Walt and Carol!
Your flute was actually a birthday present for my boyfriend. He loves it. He actually joined a flute circle to learn how to play. Thanks so much! It got it in perfect condition. Beautiful instrument. I'll see if he'll get a picture with it.
Hope you both have a good day!

I am really enjoying my flute, the quality and sound are good. Thanks.

Hi Walt and Carol -- thank you for the follow up. I really LOVE the flute. I originally had purchased a bansuri flute and found it extremely hard to play and regretted buying it. But the flute I bought from you is so easy to play and sounds great. I recently got a new puppy, so haven't been able to play much, but I know I will get back to it and look forward to it.
Thanks again and best wishes,

Dear Walt and Carol,
All is well, thank you, the flute is excellent!!! I will need to likely buy a case for it soon, and later I might buy a 5-hole larger one, but this one is excellent! The training video is excellent too, I found I could jump right in and start playing. The dogs are music critics, but they will get used to it (some day...).

So far so good. I'm learning to be patient and the neighbors are doing the same. It's a fun instrument to play and you really don't need any talent to make the music. I'm enjoying it. I'll send you a picture one of these days.
All the best,

Hello Walt,
I received the Native American Style Flute Starter Kit and Fleece Flute Bag from you today. 
Everything arrived perfect thanks to your superb packaging. The High Spirits flute is a work of 
art, plays and looks beautiful. Odell really does a superb job. The Dvds were very good and easy to 
understand. The flute bag is really nice and very well made. I am really happy with everything I 
received from you. 
Thank you sir, 

I email to say I have received my flute order from you and have gifted it to my friend.
I want to thank you as it is the first time in all my years that I have seen her become excited 
about something. No matter what ever she has wanted to have help to do before when I have got that 
item for her, there was never any enthusiasm. This time as soon as I gave it too her she was joyful 
and now she practises her flute daily, it is a blessing to see her look and feel so good about 
herself. Thank You! I have suggested she may wish to update her flute at a later date and gave her 
your link.
Thank you for the joy you have given to myself and my friend.

My flute and I are becoming life long friends. A day hasn't gone by that I don't pick it up and 
play it. Very slowly at first but the speed is now coming. What has really amazed me is I have 
picked up tunes from some of my old flute CD recordings. In all modesty, I'm not bragging that I'm 
all that musically inclined it's just amazing how user friendly these flutes are.

Got my Flute in the mail today and just want to comment; Very beautiful instrument. Sound is 
unbelievable, I absolutely love it.
Thank you 

Dear Sir:
I am a college music student and I am very particular about the instruments I play. I am not readily pleased by instruments unless they are of the highest quality. I own and play dozens of flutes from around the world ranging from the inexpensive to the wallet-denting. I am writing to inform you that I have never been as pleased with the purchase of any flute as I am with the instrument I bought from you. Should I ever feel the need to purchase another native flute, I will undoubtedly turn to you without fail.

Thanks, Walt! This Jonah Thompson (flute) plays beautifully. It has a very mellow, soulful sound. 
My technique is still lacking. I just need to practice, practice :)

The flutes are beautiful. I've enjoyed them very much. They are very relaxing and easy to play. I like to take them into different places and 
listen to the different effects I can get with the sound. For instance, at the edge of the woods, or in a bedroom that has wooden floors. 

Good Evening! I really love the time I am 'playing' my flute. I have played at a number of instruments over the years and the flute gives me a 
feeling of peace and tranquility that I don't find in other instruments. I really appreciate it. 

thanks walt
i hope we are doing fine, in few weeks i bought an A flute of his (High Spirits) 6 months ago, the best playing flute i own,,,,, 
thanks again,

Happy Monday Walt, and Carol,
LOVES his flute. His face was just like that of a small child when he opened it. He plays it faithfully and our home is filled with the music I intended it to be filled with. Thank you for such a beautifully crafted instrument.
Happy New Year!

Dear Walt - 
For starters, I love the Bach quote you have on your home page. 
My wife  bought me one of your flutes for a Christmas gift. I just want you to know that I'm overwhelmed by the tone and the quality of the flute you made for me, and it has already brought me a great deal of serenity in this turbulent world. The first time I played the low G in my living room - which is full of furniture - the tone reverberated in a most wonderful way. This surprised me greatly. Obviously I'm a beginner, and right now covering 1/2 of a hole with consistency is a challenge for me. At any rate, thee instrument is fabulous and I thought you should know how I feel about it. 
Best Regards, 

Thanks so much for getting my new flute out so quickly! It arrived in today's mail and I spent the better part of a gray winter afternoon beginning to learn how to play it. I played a flute in band for several years when I was younger, but found a new home for the instrument as an adult since I no longer picked it up. While hiking one day a few months ago I was surprised to hear flute music in the woods and soon encountered an older couple resting on a bench. The man was playing Native American flute for his wife, whose head rested on his lap. It was an enchanting moment and not wanting to disturb them, I walked on with my ears straining to catch the flute's sounds as I turned the next bend in the trail. As chance would have it, I met the flute player later in a class I was taking at the nature center where I was hiking. He encouraged me to pick up the flute again and here I am now with my beautiful new instrument. I purchased an "A" High Spirits flute in Spanish cedar and was surprised how light it was in my hands! The fleece bag is also well-crafted and will no doubt protect my new flute as I take it hiking with me when the weather gets warmer and I feel inspired to play on a rock or bench off the trail!
Thanks for your helpful website and excellent service!

Hi, Walter—
I love my flute! I play it every morning just after I wake up, as part of my morning meditation practice. I also wear the pewter bear and wolf necklaces I got from you. I plan to order more of them. The display rack for my flutes sits on my desk and holds 2 flutes, the one I got from you and a low E that I got from a friend. 
Thank you for making flutes available to the world.

I love my flute, however, I am having trouble finding time to play! Hopefully that 
situation will remedy itself soon!

Dear Walt and Carol
I simply LOVE my flute! It is the perfect size for small hands and the sound is fantastic! Being and 'A' that is really something. I enjoy just playing with it so far but have now ordered a book and acutally hope to learn a song! :o}
Thank you so much for touching base, that is so nice.

I love it so much, I play it daily and am learning new techniqes swiftly, I have traveled acrossed the US with this flute, playing it for many passer by. I let them all know where i got it from as well! So from Michigan to Colorado people have heard it. 
Thank you!

I simply can not thank you enough! This flute is so wonderful!! I do not play yet, but am getting better at my scales, and this flute makes them sound great! A, is not my favorite sound, but this makes a liar out me, It Is Just Great! Thank you both so much. The gift wrapping was so nice too! 
I am also going to email Odell and thank him for making a flute that I fell in love with with the blow!!!! 
I am so happy,,,,,,, 

Dear Walt and Carol,
I just received my flute in aromatic cedar this morning; it's absolutely lovely! Thank you so much. You packaged the flute perfectly and your service (and upgrade!) was wonderful; I am very impressed by your conduct as business folk (the gift wrap was a nice surprise, too!). The flute plays wonderfully in tune, is very responsive, and has a beautiful tone. It is a little quieter than I was expecting (I'm used to playing shakuhachi), but I actually like that a lot as I'll be able to play it late into the night without worrying too much about the neighbours. 
Thank you so much again. I love it!
Yours Sincerely,

Hi Walt & Carol,
The flute is very beautiful and I gave it to my husband for Christmas. Previously my husband did not play any musical instrument, but he has picked up on the flute quickly and it sounds wonderful! Thank you!

THanks so much. 
So happy to do business with you. I tried 2 times to order this from another flute web site and it never worked, and I was VERY disappointed with the customer service. How nice to receive an e-mail confirmation the very next day, on a weekend. Thank you so much. 

Dear flutesonline, 
I love the cd of rhythms that I bought! What a fab idea..................These rhythms really make a difference in the ways I think, and imagine, the possiblities of playing my flute. I've had these two matched Tom Minton, 5 hole, river cane flutes, for 10-12 years, and only picked one up a month or two ago. Your cd has advanced my thought form, and my playing. Thank you for for this product. It is very good medicine for me. 

Hi Walt and Carol, 
You have a great online store, and I really love that you are so friendly and communicative. I plan to buy more items from you for Christmas presents for family members, as most of my family are musicians. And my mother collects silver, so your silver polishing cloths and silver-saving strips will be a huge-time saver for her. Thank you for having such wonderful products and at quite reasonable prices. And with your reasonable shipping charges, your individual personal communication - and you're way ahead of a lot of online stores. Some places I'm afraid to order from, as they aren't personal & have a hard time deciding if they are legitimate or not. But you two are wonderful! I love your business cards & magnets, too - they are beautifully designed and add a nice personal touch to your whole overall appearance. 

I received the flute in the mail. Your packing and gift wrapping were very professional and thoughtful. I haven't been that excited to get anything in quite sometime. It is true that you can start making music the instant you pick it is really amazing! The flute is top quality and I am very pleased with it. I greatly appreciate your courtesy and personalized service that you provide, and look forward to future contact (and hopefully more flute purchases!) 

Dear Walt and Carol, 
I have been meaning to send you a note ever since I received my flute. This was my third flute I purchased and it is in a class by itself. The first flute I bought was nice and I enjoyed playing it altho the sound was not as good as I wanted. The second flute was terrible and almost impossible to play. The flute I received from you is unbelievable. It is beautiful, easy to play and almost plays itself, the mouthpiece is perfect and the notes are so true--and I am NOT a musical person. It is the most serene, peaceful, calming experience to just sit and play whatever comes to me. We spend a lot of time camping in the mountains here in Wyoming or the backcountry in Montana and I can't wait to take it with me. Playing the flute at sunrise is as good as it gets!! Thank you so much for the wonderful fllute. 
It is truly a joy! 

Dear Walt and Carol, 
My flute and I are getting along fabulously! I can't remember a Christmas gift I have enjoyed more than this one. And I'm playing better every day (my dogs no longer yowl when I start to play!) and composing some nifty songs. All in all, I'm delighted and very much appreciate my flute-- and you for providing it. Best, 

The flute was purchased for my husband as a Christmas gift. He is thoroughly enjoying it. It is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship. It really has a beautiful tone and plays well. 
Thank you, 

Dear Walt,
I just wanted to write and let you know that I received my package on Friday. Everything was shipped in a timely fashion and wrapped very 
neatly and meticulously. I own four other flutes, three which were made for me and one High Spirit flute. I love them all and think that they 
all play very well. However, the special order flute made by Quiet Bear, that I ordered from you, has got to be one of the sweetest 
sounding flutes that I have every played. The dedication to detail and craftsmanship are excellent. 
The other flute that I ordered, the one that I am to finish, also sounds great right out of the box. I am also looking forward to watching the 
DVD sets that I ordered. 
I own many flute CD's and the one that I ordered from you, Canyon Shadows by Travis Terry, is another fine CD to be added to my growing 
collection. Again, I want to thank you and all those that had a part in the completion of my order.
Thank you,

I just got my High Spirit Flute today. it only took 3 days to get to me in Ca.... iam writeing you to tell you that it is so beautiful, & the sound is Fantastic,so rich & even very peaceful to listen to.. Thank you so much, for makeing these wounderful Flutes....I have never played one before, but in a few min. i was playing wounderful soothing sounds..Again thank you,it will go with me everywhere.....
R D.

Thanks Walt for keeping me informed. 
I do have to say I like your personal customer service. You hardly ever see that anywhere else. I've had nothing but great service and products from you. 1 year ago is when I first discovered your online store. I had my wife get me for x-mas last year your Native American Flute Starter kit in the key of A. Love it. Shortly there after my wife wanted a flute. So I ended ordering a Quiet Bear in A for her. Loves it. This year I'm hoping my parents will order me another one of your flutes. I've enjoyed mine so much I can't imagne going anywhere else. Thank you so much for all your hard work and look forward to buying more from you in the future.

Walt and Carol,
Thank you so much for the note! I'm loving the flute and am having such a wonderful time learning to play it. It's crafted so well, and I haven't had a single problem with it. I'm planning on purchasing some more songbooks from you soon, to supplement the beginner's book, and hopefully I'll be able to create some nice tunes of my own one day. :)
All the Best,

To the Flutes Online Crew:
Thank you for the communication, shipping info, any timely order. I can't describe how happy I am with my flute kit. The look, sound, and quality is excellent and the CD, DVD, and books are great. I am recommending to a friend to make a purchase from you.

Hi W&C; 
I'm a disabled Vietnam Vet and your flute has done more for me than all the shrinks and pills thay have been pushing on me for the last 30 
years. I can let out feelings I didn't even know I had. I'm saving up for a "deeper" tone flute, so you will be hearing from me soon. Thank you very 
much for what you have done.

I just recently purchased this flute from you and I forgot to let you know that I received it. I forgot because I have been under it's spell ever since I received it. You surely must have picked out the prettiest one you had to send to me. I am enjoying it SO MUCH. I have listened to the CD that came along with it and it has helped me immensely. I am so glad I found you. I will recommend your flutes to everybody I know. Thank you so much for helping me discover something new in my life. Also, you wrapping and shipping were exceptional. I'm just now going to go and leave you positive feedback. Have a 
GREAT day. 
Many thanks, 

Hi Walt and Carol,
My Sparrow Hawk and beginner's kit arrived yesterday--so fast! And the flute is just beautiful! I was able to play songs out of Carol's book immediately (I have a little instrumental experience but not much), and I am thrilled with the sound. I was able to improvise right away too, after studying the materials a little. Now I can't wait to explore the CD and DVD.
It was also really cute that the flute was "gift-wrapped"! You guys obviously care a great deal about your customers.
I'm really excited to see what the future holds with my flute playing. Thanks for helping a beginner get started!

i got my flute today! it's amazing i'm so excited to start playing... the craftsmanship is great and it sounds fantastic. thanks alot. 

Walt and Carol,
Hello from Arkansas! I have had SOOO much fun with my flute. I've never had any formal music training, but the flute is very easy to learn, and it 
sounds great, even when played by a beginner! I'm already looking ahead to my next flute purchase. I figure I'm ready to go down to a G. Maybe this 
Christmas??? Anyway, thanks for keeping in touch. I'll definitely recommend you to other folks.
Until next time,

Hello Walt and Carol
The flute arrived today - it's beautiful! Warm and smooth to the touch, deep mellow notes! The only flutes available for purchase in this location are made of cold hard metal and that just won't do. We live in rural Ontario and I have lots of water and wood locations to play the flute - just wondering how my horses will take to listening to me practice :-)
Thanks for the quick service and quality product.

Hi Walt --
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my recent purchases from your web-site. I place orders on two seperate occasions and both were shipped complete, well-packed, and quickly. I appreciate your excellent service and look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

The flute is great!. I have practiced some, but not as much as I wish. I want to take it camping with me the next trip to the woods.
I really appreciate the video, it strikes the right balance with how to enjoy your new flute and not worry about performing. The easy going style 
of the instructor, Odell Borg, is a wonderful introduction to playing the Native American Flute.
Thanks for the opportunity to share with you in this new experience,

Hi Walt
It's good to hear from you. The new flute is awesome! Just like the CD said, you learn how to play very quickly, and then the real fun 
begins. I live only about 30 minutes away from Zion National Park. There are several small side canyons there that are easily accessible 
for hiking. Two weeks ago I spent some time there along with my flute. Zion is really a magical sandstone and narrow slot 
canyons provide the perfect environment for playing the flute.   I stepped off the trail about 30 feet, and started to play. As other 
hikers came up the trail, it was interesting to watch their response  to the music. They stopped, listened, and were delighted with the 
sounds. The next question was, "...and where did you get your flute?" You sent several of your cards to me, and I have passed them out to 
interested hikers. Thanks for your interest Walt. It's good to hear from you.

Walt --
thank you for the follow-up contact. I simply LOVE my native american flute. It is, by far, the nicest sounding instrument I've ever played!! I 
love the mellow sound of the cedar. I played for my friends and family and they are all wanting to know where to get one!
One of the most unexpected things I have found while playing the flute is how easy it is just to "invent" music as you go along. I find that the music 
that flows out greatly mirrors how I am feeling at the time. I have not found this true with any other instrument. Without waxing TOO poetic, let 
me just say that I love playing it.
On a side note, I've never put it away. It "lives" in my living room, in easy reach for a quick wind-down from a busy day.
Thanks again!

Dear Walt & Carol
Thanks so much for this wonderful flute! I have yet to study the song book you sent along with it, but have used the flute in church already. It goes with us every Sunday to church and also to a First Nations Gathering in Tacoma once a month. I carry my flute as religiously as I carry my handdrum. 
I also had it at a Native American Celebration down south and many were impressed with it. I found out a couple I know from New Mexico also have High Spirit Flutes and love them. They use them in their CDs and in concerts of ministry. 
I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my High Spirits flute!
His Servant and Yours
Pastor C M

Mr. LaForet,
I received the flute this morning. Unfortunately I won’t be able to fully enjoy it until this evening (they seem to frown on flute playing in the courthouse). I did find a secluded  corner of the building, just to get a quick sample of the voice, and now I can’t wait to get Home. The service, communications, the PRODUCT, everything has been top notch and I can assure you that you’ll be hearing from me again. After all, man cannot survive on only 3 or 4 flutes. (or 5, or 6, or…) Thanks Again and…
(Merry Christmas in Cherokee)

Hello Walt.
The flute is now home and I just love her. So incredibly beautiful, and She has such a sweet and haunting song to sing. She really touches my heart. I feel have a new very best friend. 
You are right. The DHL people hire folks that know how to track the boonies. I think DHL stands for Dear Heart Love -- the courier was very sweet. She explained how she figured out where the place had to be... nobody has EVER done that before, even the electrical company!
I haven't gone through everything in the box. But, I did want to say I greatly appreciate your adding the book of poetry. That is very kind, and I will treasure it.
Blessings for a wonderful day, 

Hi Walt,
My flute arrived yesterday and it surprassed my wildest expectations. I play tenor, alto, and soprano Sax also flute, clarinet, and harmonica. I was pleasently surprised that I was able to pick up the flute and right off the bat could play the native sound without any practice. The sound is great and I hope to use it this Sunday in church with the worship team.

Hi Walt,
Flute arrived yesterday, "Oh my!" is all I can say. to say it is magnificent, is an understatement. I know that my wife is going to love it! Beautiful craftsmanship. Thank you again!
Best regards,

I love my flute. It is incredible to me that in a few days I could make such beautiful music. The instructions on how to care for this work of art are very helpful. I was pleasently suprised to learn that when I bought a 5 hole flute that I could easily make it a 6 hole one and have been experimenting with that as well. The song book is so easy to follow. I do much better following that than making up my own music. I need to order another book soon. I have found that finding song books for my flute is a very limited market. I must thank you for making an affordable flute for me to start with. The music can be so playful, sometimes haunting, but always moving. This is one of the best birthday presents my husband has given me. He is enjoyng listening to me to. You have a wonderful talent to be able to create such a beautiful flute. Thank you also for checking in on me and my flute! 

Magnificent sound and craftsmanship. The only thing I have ever been able to play in my lifetime up until now has been the radio. Now, I am making music that speaks to and comes from my heart. 
Thank you, thank you.

Thanks Walt, 
I have three of your flutes and I am saving for a double birch flute in B and a walnut bass flute in D. I love all of the flutes it is hard to pick a favorite but you where right they are addicting. I wanted to tell you a story I am full blooded apache and about the only thing I do not make is flutes. One of the reasons I had never bought one in the past is when it came to music I thought I had no talent, and I didn't tell you flutes. The reason I bought one of your flutes is I was assaulted on the job and got phenomena from the beating so my doctor said I needed to do deep breathing well you can guess that gets old fast so I bought the Merlin C just for therapy well it turns out that I can play well and I am getting better every day. I prey in the mourning and I have incorporated the flute in to my preys and I have had two great complements one of my neighbors thought I was playing a CD in the mourning and it was me playing and the other is I was invited to play flute at a native American fire ceremony, It was great. know I use the flutes to prey to entertain for mediation not a day goes by that I do not play. A friend give me another brand carved cedar G flute and as art it is beautiful but it sounds bad. I have play other brands flutes and they sound nice and look fancy but way to much money for me. Your flutes are the only ones I will buy. Like I told you I am recovering from the assault and when I am feeling up to having my picture taken I would love to send you one, I have decorated my flutes with beads, feathers wolf tooth, and arrowheads so they look good I think, I will let you be the jugde.

Hi Walt, 
I am very well pleased with my flute, I've had a chance to compare its sound to a collection of flutes belonging to a friend of mine and, truth be told and is not my judgement, my flute is the sweetest one in the lot. Thank you and have a pleasant day, 

Hey Walt, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with the flute i received today. (Quiet Bear "A" student flute). Now I have never played a flute in my life (I was always a trumpet and keyboard person), within 15 minutes of messing with the flute I was holding a note. within 60 minutes I was playing the pentatonic scale and a decent portion of the chromatic scale. It has now been 6 hours or so since my flute arrived and i can play two of the songs in "other songs for the six hole native american flute" by heart, and the rest while looking at the sheets. I have had 2 people comment today on the tone of this flute, and both consider it superb. I am leaving for a 6 month trip to the desert and wanted something I could pack with me, that would keep my attention. The quality and clarity of this flute is great, and I hope to send many more hours with it while I am out west. Thank you for delivering a great product at a reasonable price. 
T C 
ps: Keep up the good work on the flute books, if a knucklehead like me can read them, anyone can.


I just wanted to tell you that i received my flute today and i was amazed in many different aspects, first off a lot of care was used to pack this instrument. After finally made my way through newspaper and bubble wrap i had to smile when i saw it wrapped in the colorful tissue paper with the little bow on top=) The Flute is amazing, it was actually much more than i expected and a lot easier to play then i assumed it would be. It sounds absolutely fantastic. The instructional Cd was a great help. I am happy that i chose to give your company a shot, and will recommend your site to all those interested. I cant wait to buy my next flute, thanks again 
Walt, you truly are a professional. 

Hey Walt, 
The flute is coming along great. The sound is so beautiful I can't believe it. I ordered one of the music books from you and am about to get started on learning some of those tunes but right now I am having a blast just improvising. You made a great product and I thank you so much. You will hear from me again when I am ready to get another flute. 
Thank you and best wishes, D

hey walt thanks for the letter. 
well I'm still in Iraq so i get plenty of time to play in the evenings, I think im getting pretty good and everyone that hears me playing seems to enjoy it alot. The real test is comming up in about a month when I get home and play for my wife. Now if that goes over well then you know that I've got it down (her brothers are both really good flute players). Thanks for the flute i really enjoy playing 

Hi Walt, 
I love my flute. I live in England now and I took it to a prehistoric grave mound last weekend to play for the Ancestors. The music was haunting and I think appreciated. I am very happy with it, it was a good decision. Thanks, 

Thanks so much for the fast processing of our flute order. Boy, this is becoming a habit. My husband is addicted to his flutes. Who would have thought that someone in their 50's who has never played a musical instrument before in their life, would have been able to pick up such an instrument and soar!!! His music is beautiful and his natural talent for the instrument is amazing. The instructional CD's are helpful, but I believe you either have a gift for the music or not. His two flutes now go with him everywhere. We live on a farm with a huge 100 year old barn, and the acoustics are fabulous. We've been spending our late summer evenings in the barn, while my husband hones his skill. So far no complaints except for the big barn owl who doesn't like the erie sound and high pitch. Anyway, this third flute should round out his "mini" collection, that is until the next one. (smile) Again, we appreciate your prompt processing of our order. 
Have a great day.  M S C

Hi Walt, 
I just received my Eagle High Spirit flute WOW, I am so grateful to have it here in my hands – the sound is enchanting and deep – it is so easy to play! It smells divinely of cedar and leather – and is amazingly beautiful. The Odell Berg flutes are truly a gift to us all…. My prayer is to be a blessing to others as I draw out it’s true soul over the years… Thank you for your prompt service! 

Dear Walt, 
Just want to let you know we received the flute yesterday (Friday). It is magnificent! My college daughter is part Mohawk and has always been inclined to Native American ways. She gets a great sound from it already. I believe it is just what she needs to give expression to the beautiful spirit within her. Thanks for the fast shipment too. 

The Native American Flute arrived on Friday, July 1st. It is fantastic. S is enjoying it as much, if not more than his first one. We both are pleased with the fine workmanship and craftmanship that is put into each flute. Both of us are looking forward to what flute number three will look and sound like. Until then, thank you for your follow-up and quick processing of our order. Sincerely, 

The walnut flute that I purchased from your store is awesome! It was exactly what I was looking for. When I was purchasing it, my friends all said that I was crazy for spending $150 on a flute when I could pick up a little klanker from the local 99 cent store, but I knew the difference and showed it to them when I received my flute. The only thing that surprised me was how easy my instrument was to play. It was like I was an expert with the tool from the first time that I picked it up, even though I had never played a wind instrument before. So to answer your question, my flute and I get along very well, and I will send you a picture someday. 
Thanks again, J

Hi there, 
Just wanted to say the flute arrived yesterday and it is beautiful !! My husband is going to love it!!!! I had to try it out of course and its sounds nice and I definately am going to get one for myself sometime very soon. Thanks again for all your help!!! 
I love my new High Spirits flute! I am surprised at how quickly I am learning basic scales and songs. It's
almost like the High Spirit flute is intuitive, like it encourages the beginner to keep going, keep trying.
That song book is wonderful too! I just love the songs and the art work. They are really inspiring---like
each song is a goal in the imagination. The DVD was especially helpful for me to get started.
Yes, I am getting into this...I am even thinking about another High Spirits flute purchase / next pay day!
(laughing out loud) I'm thinking I'd like my next flute to have a deeper, more enigmatic "voice" than
the Merlin C, but that is much, much easier to play than that "cheap," weird-holed F flute that I bought
through Amazon (the first flute). The mouth piece on  that cheap flute is really uncomfortable.

The Merlin's mouth piece is much better! So, I'd want my next flute to have a similiar shaped mouth piece?
Any suggestions?

Dear Walt,
I've purchased 2 Native American flutes from you via eBay (D in birch and A in walnut), and I have also purchased a couple of other Native American flutes from various vendors there as well. I have to say that your flutes truly stand out. The quality of sound and workmanship are by far the best. I just received my flute in A (walnut), and I am so impressed with the rich sound!
I just wanted to send a quick email of thanks for supplying such a beautiful product, and I think the wrapping in purple tissue paper with a bow is a nice personal touch. Thank you and God bless.
Musically yours,

Thanks for your email.
I meant to call after I got the flute. It is a absolute beauty, and sounds incredible. I was very impressed with it and the care you took in shipping it to me. Can't thank you enough and I will continue to keep shopping with your store.

Dear flutesonline,
I absolutely LOVE this flute and the bag. I want to thank you for making it. Also, thanks for the t-shirt. It's awesome and I will proudly wear it. I really appreciated your call. Take care and may you increase in your business 100 fold. I WILL be back! 
You are the best. 

Hi Walt,
I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely THRILLED with the flute and bag!!!
I am interested in purchasing more flutes from you and ... I am interested in owning a flute in every key.
I am looking forward to doing more business with you   Thanks again!

Sorry I took so long to respond to this email. I love the flute I got from you! I will be buying from you again soon. I own like 16 flutes, so I am not a newbie at playing and this particular flute let me find its song and it is beautiful!

Actually, I'm the flute lover in the family. I've always wanted a native american flute and now I have two!(we purchased another from you shortly after the first). The sound is beautiful and I really could not find 
anything of the same quality for the price anywhere else. Thanks for everything!

I just want to say that I love the flute. I had acquired one some time ago, but never was able to have any success with it. I was about to give up when it occurred to me that the problem might be the flute and not me. I am happy that I decided to give it another go, the quality of your flute is SO far superior to the other that I can hardly believe it. I suspect that the other one will become fire wood! Thanks for a great product, I may find that I need another one (or two) later on!

Hi Walt,
Just wanted you to know that I received my Sparrow Hawk flute yesterday and I am thrilled with it.I ordered an Earth color bag and a bottle of oil today.I will be 86 in the fall and my wife suggested that I get another flute for my birthday,so will be ordering then.
Thanks again Walt for the quick service,the teaching books and CD.I can see that you take pride in what you do because you do it well.

I just want to say thank you for such wonderful customer service, and I have to say, this beautiful flute went beyond my expectations. I love it!!! I am very much looking forward to learning. 
Have a most beautiful day…

Greetings Walt,
I had forwarded my granddaughters e-mail to you about how happy/thrilled she was with it. She had already gone through th CD and removed the tie from the sixth hole so she could play it as a six hole flute. She thought it was 
very awsome. So we are, in turn, very happy with our purchase from you.

Hay Walt, I have a C and a F flute and I love them both. I am sure I never told you but, I never been able to play a musical instrument, till know. I just got phenomena and the Dr said to play the flute it will help and it has. So I am getting lots of practice, soon as I am better I would love to send a picture. 
Your friend R.

Hi Walt,
I play the flute almost every day. Thank you so much. It was worth every penny.
Thank you, D D

Dear Walt--
The Native American flute I ordered was a gift for my teenage son for Christmas. It is simply beautiful and he learned to play it with ease. In fact, last night he was playing it and even commented on how good it smelled (his is cedar)! So--it is a delight for the senses--sounds beautiful, feels wonderful, even smells great.
I am completely impressed with the quality of this instrument, and even more impressed with how quickly you sent it to me at Christmas time. I know I was cutting it close with my online ordering (it took me a while to choose the right flute), but not only did it arrive on time, but it was even gift-wrapped. Wow...and thank you! 

Hey Walt
The flute was for my daughter-in-law for Christmas and she loved it! She has it on display now and works with
it each day. Thank you so much! I will try to get her to take a picture and post it. Again thank you so much is beautiful. 

Hi Walt:
We gave the flutes we purchased before Christmas to my sons' music teachers - guitar and mandolin. They absolutely loved them! Many thanks for shipping them so quickly. 
My son brings his flutes to school all the time and plays for his classmates and teachers. He really loves your flutes, and so do I.
Many thanks again,
All my best,

Thanks for the follow-up, that is rare these days. The flute was for my wife, she's the musical one. She really loves the flute. She has played a silver flute since a child and still plays it every week at church. She is having a great time with the Native American flute. The sound quality and workmanship are very good. I'll ask her about sending a picture.

Hi Walt, I've had different flutes over the years, but this one is the best one!!! The sound is so amazing! It's also very easy to learn and play. The care that went into making and packaging it is awesome! I'm very happy with my flute and play it as much as I can. Thanks for the great service and the follow- up! 
M N 

I just had to email you about the Walnut Redtail Hawk flute that I bought in December. I LOVE it. I have been getting acquainted with it off and on now for almost a month and I have found it's voice. O how lovely it is! I took it out on one of our rock gathering day trips in Utah this weekend and found a nice sandstone canyon and took it out and started to play. It was like the spirits were guiding my fingers. My husband was down the canyon from me and said it was such a lovely haunting melody that he just had to sit down on a rock and listen.
Thank you for offering such a quality flute....Odell's talent and his CD have made this purchase, one I will always treasure!

Hello and Merry Christmas, I have longed for a cedar flute. I had a dream that one day I came home to a box with my name on it. I open the mysterious box. there was much paper to take out and I found an envelope of books and a CD and then their, wrapped in purple tissue with a red bow was the most beautiful site my eyes and heart could know. Alas I had the flute. But oh my friend it was not a dream. That same day came in the mail a CD of Mary Youngblood's 'Offering'. My dog loves her flute music and quickly zones out and snores when I play the CD. When I pick up my new dream come true flute to try to play she runs and hides. hahahaha. someday she will sit and listen, on that day I will have began my real journey with the flute. I have alway been too poor to get a flute until now. I have completed my education and am a chemical dependency counselor. In our ethics it states that we must find a 'way' to be good to ourselves and stay healthy in order to help other find their way, the flute will be my 'way'. I have also began "story telling" in the counseling. Healing stories. the flute will help in that also. thank you for a healing tool. 

Thanks for the great service and the wonderful flute. I have been playing Renaissance woodwinds (recorder, krumhorn, kornemuse) for over 20 years and the Sparrow Hawk has better tone and is more fun to play than any of my other woodwinds . . . I am convert.

Dear Walt,
Thanks for checking in on me. We are getting along just great. I started practicing in my dorm room, but as I got better I moved out into the woods behind them. Let me say that it sounds great out there as the notes move through the trees. All of the birds seem to stop and listen to the music. I have played for one of my friends too and he said that he has never heard anything like it before. The flute also sounds good in the Student Center also, the notes echo off the walls and it sounds like a dream, almost like it was miked. The CD defiantly helped me to learn new techniques. If I can ever get a picture I will be happy to send it to you.

Hi Walt:
Many thanks for getting in touch with us! The flutes are wonderful and have the most beautiful, mellow sound. We are really enjoying them. I asked my son which one was his favorite and he can't make up his mind. He really enjoys playing the drone and condor bass in F#. We are so happy we found your site and tell everyone about it. 
Thanks for everything and hope to talk to you soon.
All my best,

hi walt
im doing good! much easier to play than i had hoped! after the christmas crazies i hope to get a book and stand . ill take a pic and post it! thanks so much for the email! i do share your site when people ask about my flute!
dancing in rainbows

Hi Carol, I have really enjoyed my flute and am looking forward to upgrading already (but will wait until I'm better at playing this one)!! It's been a very relaxing instrument for me. I am committed to play each morning and each evening so I can get my tendons "stretched" to help me really play something. **smile** My neighbor called and asked me what I've been playing it's so beautiful and relaxing (I always go outside where I can hear the birds and watch the trees as I practice). That REALLY got me excited; if it sounded good to someone else then maybe I'm learning it faster than I thought!!
Looking forward to trying out the new book. Thanks!

Hello Walt,
I wanted you to know I received the flute. I love it. I have never been musically inclined, but wanted to try this. I love the fact there are no rules or notes to follow. Thanks for the offering this beautiful product.

Hello Walt,
I have been enjoying my new flute immensely! I had a nice inexpensive one I had been playing, but the first note let me know what a flute is supposed to sound like! I play it everyday, and when I am feeling a bit stressed, I play it a while and I feel much better afterwards.
I am building up to playing in front of others, but the few who have heard it love it's sound too.
Thank you, Many Blessings,

Hi Walt,
Thank you for your email. I love the deeper sound of the G minor flute, and I'm going to go to the website to order an F# minor. So as you can see, all is very well with me and my flute.

My flute is wonderful! After an hour commute home at night, I go onto my deck (surrounded by mountains) and drift away in music. I'm still learning, of course, but every time I play it brings me peace and serenity. Thank-you for my beautiful instrument!

loving them both...thank you for your craftmanship...your prompt service...and...the idea that you care "how i'm doing with my flutes".... i wish more business folk had your way of doing business.... 
thanks again, 

I was thinking of you and flutesonline the other day! I LOVE my flute...just haven't been playing as often as I would like! Beautiful voice, wonderful construction, easy to play...what's not to love!? Many blessings upon you and yours, always!
S M 

I love the flute. It is truly a work of art. I will use it at our drumming group this weekend. Thanks for asking.

Hi Walt,
Thanks for following up on my flute. It has been a delight to play, and I marvel that such a beautiful and joyous sound can come from such a seemingly simple instrument! Hardly a day passes without my playing it, and it's becoming difficult to remember what "pre-flute" days were like--they must have been pretty bland!
All the best, 

Hi Walt..
The Flute arrived yesterday..
I have not put it down..
It is beautiful work...
Great sound...

Dear Walt, 
I received my native american flutes today. That was super fast! They were packaged so carefully, and I have them on my double stand which you included! I love the sounds of them both! I will recommend your site to anyone i encounter who is looking for a flute! 
Sincerely, K D

Hi Walt, 
We received the flute today, and just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the love and care you put into this order. We were really impressed! It seems like these days not many people take that little extra care to make something really nice, instead of just fulfilling an order. The entire package was filled with love, even the little bow on the wrapping paper! My wife was really impressed as well. She is just learning the 5-hole flute and I must say your flute is really a good instrument. We will probably be buying more flutes from you as she learns to play a bit better. I think I may even learn as well. I'm a guitar player with many years of experience, so I should be able to learn this as well. Well, enough of this. I just wanted to let you know that someone really appreciates what you're doing. 

Hi Walt, 
Thanks for the 'follow-up' email-what a nice touch that was!!! Thanks for the great customer service and especially the fine care (especially the gift ribbon) that went into packaging it - I LOVE my flute and will soon want to purchase another.

Dear Walt, 
The Crow F# flute arrived yesterday and it is beautiful! I was proudly showing it to everyone at work and playing snatches (everyone was amazed at how mellow and soothing it sounded). Thank you so much for both flutes that I now play and love (the other is the red-tailed hawk G). Thanks again... I hope to purchase yet another flute in the lower note range in the next few months. :) 
Best wishes, 

I go everywhere with my walnut G flute--absolutely love it! :) Been wanting to get the ebony F# flute for months (saving up). Thank you for offering such beautiful, spirtually healing, fun instruments. 

Greetings Walt, 
This is B here in NM, I just wanted to tell you the native flutes that Odell made that I purchased, are absolutely outstanding in workmanship and tonal quality. I am very happy with my purchase. The Fleece flute bags and the flute racks are great too. I'll be getting with you soon on more great native instruments and accessories. Odell definately has game!!! 
Blessings Upon you, 

Hi Walt: 
Just wanted to tell you that I received the flute and song books today. The flute is beautiful. I've already been practicing scales and!!! I have one song just about down pat. THANK YOU!! For all your help and form of expression. I hope to Wow them around the camp fire this year. 

Walt - 
I couldn't be happier with the flute. Friends and family are amazed at how good it sounds; I pretend that I'm an incredibly skilled player with much expertise when in fact the flute sounds fantastic with the simplest effort. It looks wonderful on the mantle, sounds fantastic every time, and was exactly what I'd hoped for. 
Thanks a million! 

Hello there: 
My two flutes arrived today, June 3rd, 2004. Pretty fast shipping. I wasn't expecting the order until June 8th. Needles to say, the first thing I did is put the flutes to the test. Great sound, love the turquoise inlay in the walnut F#. My new birch pocket flute will be fun to take along on my hikes in the canyon lands here in SE Utah. 
I am impressed. 
Thank you so.o.o.o.o.o much. 

Hello Walt,
 Thank you for asking. I am doing good with the Native American flute. I have learned a lot with it in the last few weeks. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the piece. It's actually more beautiful than I had imagined it to be. I am very pleased with the service from your company and the quality of your product. Look for me to be purchasing again soon from you. 
Thank you, 

Siyo Walt,
 Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I am enjoying your flute and whata great addition it is to our Healing Winds flute group. 
Sgi dv, Rev. DL

I love my flute and enjoyed the way I received it. It was a joy to open and felt like a true gift. I am involved in a Native American flute class in Valparaiso, IN where your flute is wonderful to play. I hope someday to buy a drone flute and one in the key of G. Here is a picture taken at a recent encampment where we had our flute circle for your gallery. 
Thanks for your interest. 

Walt - 
I received my flute already today, and I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic service! Not only was the package easy to track, but you shipped it so quickly I can hardly believe it. Not to mention...the flute is gorgeous, easy to play (I just received it 30 minutes ago and have already made some nice short songs on it!), sounds fantastic, and was packaged with extreme care. I couldn't be happier with my order and your service, and send my most sincere gratitude. Thanks once more for this wonderful instrument. 

Hi, the flute is wonderful.
It is for my daughter.she plates a metal flute in the highschool band.She loves music and she wanted to play a native american flute.I hope she will teach me .Its my most favorite music.We live near Cherokee in the Great Smokies but the flutes we had seen were so expensive we could not buy them.
Thank you so much,
R E 

I love the flute! it plays well I have 5 flutes and this one is truly my favorite... 
thanks L

HI, Walt !
My wife got me the flute from you for Christmas, so I thought to reply to you direct. I really like it, and the book with CD is a big help. Haven't played since high school, but a trumpet has valves too so here goes. I like the "A" pitch, very mellow for a beginner -- and will probably want other items as I progress. Love the turquois and leather trim, it will go well with our 14th. century re-creation group costumes, and also our Native American collection stuff both, close enough !! 
Thanks for the good choice, 

Walt, Thanks for the interest. 
I am enjoying the flute very much. I purchased it to replace one I'd given as a gift, and found this A flute to be nicer than the other. 

I want you to know how please I am with the flute I received. I really enjoyed playing it over the holidays. I just had to order one for my grandchildren. Thank you for your great service. 

I love my new Flute, the quality is superb. I would be happy to send a picture. The holes are a little wide for my fingers, but I'm making it work. I still need to order a few things off your web site. I need a cleaning kit and I would like to order some CD's of Native American Flute music. That way I can hear what I am suppose to be playing. 
Thanks again, you have a great product and outstanding customer service. 

Hi Walt, 
All is great with the flute.  My daughter loves it. She has hardly put it down since Christmas morning. Thank you for contacting us to check on everything. I will try to get a picture of her with the flute and e-mail you one. 
Thanks again, 

Hi Walt, 
Thank you for your email. I love, love, love my flute! I have played European wood flutes (wooden recorders) for many years (and other instruments before that), and the Native American flute is the most inspiring instrument I have ever laid hands on! This is the first time I actually feel comfortable playing just whatever comes from inside me. I am already contemplating buying another one - I could probably play a slightly longer one because my tenor flute is longer than this one (I thought it would be the same size but the Native flute is smaller than my tenor). I might be ready to do that in the next few months, but meanwhile I really love the one I have! Thank you so much for being there and for doing what you do! I will try to find someone with a digital camera to take a picture of me and my flute (I don't own a digital camera at this point). 

Aloha Walt, I love the flute. 
It is beautiful and sings with joy. I am practicing my notes and breath control and finding it quite easy to play. I play what I feel and enjoy the freedom of expression. Many mahalos (Thank you in Hawaiian) to you for making the flutes and creating your dream. 
p.s. Mahalo also for the pretty blue sapphire paper and gold ribbon-that was a great surprise. Blue sapphire is one of my favorite colors. No surprise, of course, that you are very insightful

The flute was beautiful, and it sounds great! Will look forward to more purchases in the future-- 
Thank You 

My daughter ordered one of your flutes about a month ago. It has brought the wonder of outdoors inside our home. I am ordering one for my grandson for the holidays. He loves to make music, and this will allow him to do so without the constraint of reading music. He can just follow his heart. Thank you for your wonderful product. 

Hi Walt, 
The flute/books/cd arrived safely today. Thank you it is beautiful. She is going to love it. It has been a pleasure doing buisness with you. I will tell everyone where we bought it. Thank you for wrapping it with a bow. I'm just going to put it down in a box as is. 
Thanks Again, 

Subject: Native American Flute Turquoise Inlay Walnut 
Walt, the flute arrived today and I am thrilled with it! My husband bought it as an early Christmas present for me. Thank you for such a beautiful instrument. 

Hi Walt, 
The flute is great! I love playing it. I don't have much time to practice and learn, but I do try to play it whenever I can because it's so much fun, though. I might send a picture of my dogs with the flute! At first they were a bit freaked out by the sound of the flute. But now they like it.