Fingering Charts for Native American Flutes
Fingering Chart 6 hole flute, all keys A, B, C, D, E, F#, G
Blank Flute Fingering Chart Pages   Type 1
Blank Flute Fingering Chart Pages   Type 2
Instructions for Flutes
     Beginner Instructions for the Native American Flute 
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     Free Sample Songs as PDF files from our Song Books Series for Native American Flutes
Beginner's Song Book 6 Hole Flute
Wind Songs for 6 Hole Flute
Hymns of Praise for 6 Hole Flute
Circles: Rounds for the Native American Flute 6 Hole
Earth Songs 6 Hole Flute
Simple Songs 6 Hole
More Simple Songs 6 Hole
Other Songs 6 Hole
Forest Songs for Beginner's 5 Hole - Sample 1
Forest Songs for Beginner's 5 Hole - Sample 2 
Earth Songs 5 Hole
More Simple Songs 5 Hole
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 Hear Typical Sound Clips of Various Keys for Comparison 
Key Approx. Length   
Key of High A  9 1/8" This Group in Minor Key 440 Hz listed from Smallest (highest) to Largest (lowest) 
Key of High G  10 7/8"    
Key of High F# 15"                       
Key of High E 15"              
Key of D 14" to  15"   
Key of C 17 5/8"               
Key of B 17 1/2"      
Key of Bb 17 1/2"  
Key of A 17 3/4" to 19 1/2"  
Key of G 21 3/8" to 23 1/2"   
Key of F# 22 1/8" to 25"    
Key of Bass E 24"  
Key of Bass D 25 1/2"  
Key of Bass C 27"  
Key of Bass B 29"  
"Do-it-your-self" unfinished flute kit instructions and fingering charts
Flute Stand Assembly Instructions (1, 2, 3 and 6 flute stands)  201E, 202E, 203E, 211E
Flute Stand Assembly Instructions,  (Collapsible Stands)   209W, 209C 
Drum Care
Spirit Flutes Fingering Charts (Discontinued Flutes) 
Spirit Flute in Major Key in 5 hole and 6 hole  (High Spirit 625B and 626B)
Spirit Flute Diatonic Major Scales (High Spirit 671W and 626W) - Diatonic Major Scale, Minor Pentatonic Scale, Major Pentatonic Scale, Blues Scale, Mixoblues Scale, Mixolydian Scale, Dorian Scale, Melodic Minor Scale, Harmonic Minor Scale, Lydian Scale, Asian Scale, Middle Eastern Minor Scale, Slendro Scale, Aeolian Scale and Hungarian Minor Scale. 
Spirit Flute Blues, key of C or G
Spirit Flute Japanese, key of C  or G
Spirit Flute Middle Eastern, key of C or G
Spirit Flute Pentatonic Major
Spirit Flute Pentatonic Minor
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