DVD - Continuing Your Flute Journey Advanced DVD - OPEN

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This DVD is open and has a few small scratches but still plays well.

This is the most advanced DVD we have and is for those of us who have been playing the flute for some time. It seems we are always seeking new ways to express our flute-playing style.

Many years of teaching advanced classes have taught us that it’s difficult to second guess the next step for most individuals. For this reason, we have provided a wide range of topics in this new instructional project that will help most everyone take that next step in their personal flute journey.

This DVD comes with a detailed 72 page instruction booklet and easy to understand graphics offers techniques, new skills and tips for every flute player.
See the pictures for indexes of all the topics included in the booklet.  
Part 1 of this booklet is covered in the DVD Video, "Intermediate Instruction" that is available separately.   
Part 2 of this booklet is covered in this DVD Video "Continuing Your Flute Journey" 

Although “Playing From the Heart” has been the center of the Native Flute, and will always be at the core of self-expression with the instrument, getting familiar with these topics instills confidence in our understanding of music and, in turn, enhances our ability to create those inner most heart-felt expressions.