Forest Songs for the 5 hole Native American Flute, for the beginner

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Forest Songs - for the beginner was written for the 5 hole "Pocket Flute" but will work with any 5 hole Native American flute.

As the title stated these are easy songs for a beginner. All songs are original by Carol LaForet. Spiral binding so it lays flat and it uses the same principle of tonal graphics as do the other Simple Songs books: the graphics are mirror images of the holes that must be covered to produce the tones. These books can even be used by those who have never read music before.

We also include in this book the following fingering charts: 
Minor Pentatonic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 
Chromatic Scales for 5 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 

Click here to download a sample song from this book.

There are 18 songs in all:
1. The Drum
2. Hawks Soaring
3. Dark Sky
4. Skipping Stones
5. First Star
6. Canoe Song
7. Listen to a Tale
8. Silver Moon
9. On the Cliffs
10. Sunset on the Lake
11. Two Arrows
12. Pole Cake
13. Song Bird
14. Forest Path
15. Camp Fire
16. By the Lake
17. Wolf Dream
18. The Clan