More Simple Songs a Songbook for the 6 hole Native American Flute

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Here is a book of 20 simple yet haunting songs written for the six hole Native American flute.  This book can be used with any 6 hole flute in any key.  Each song embodies some aspect of the rich traditions and culture surrounding the flute. No music reading skills are necessary, as all the notations are graphics of the 6 holes, the dark holes being the ones you must cover with your fingers to make that particular tone. It is plastic comb bound so it lays flat in a music stand.

Native American flute music comes from the soul, and is normally extemporaneous, but sometimes it is useful to have some music to practice as you learn to play it, and that is why this book can fulfill a special need, for adults as well as for children.  

This book uses the same principle of tonal graphics as do the other Simple Songs books: the graphics are mirror images of the holes that must be covered to produce the tones. These books can even be used by those who have never read music before.

Click here to download a sample song from this book.

Written For: 6 Hole Flute in Any Key
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Binding: Plastic Comb so it lays flat printed on heavy quality paper
All original songs by Carol LaForet and the songs center around the rich Native American heritage.

20 songs in all: 
1. Desert Shade, 2. Moonstones, 3. Five Feathers, 4. U-we-se-di, 5. Sands Oasis, 6. Mesa, 7. Dusk’s Return, 8. A-wi (The Deer), 9. Sunset, 10. The Lodge, 11. Clay Pot, 12. Mourning Dove Song, 13. Fire Flies, 14. Raven, 15. Cascade, 16. Cold Spring, 17. Bear Paw, 18. Glass Beads, 19. Native Flute, 20. First Light of Day. 

We also include the following fingering charts: 
Minor Pentatonic Scales for 6 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G. 
Chromatic Scales for 6 hole flute for keys of A, B, C, D, E, F#, and G.