Redtail Hawk in Key of G - Aromatic Cedar

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This flute is special order so allow the extra time as listed in the beginning of this section.

This is a large flute and not all people can comfortable play a flute this long so see the chart below.
This is a versatile key that can be played in a wide range of musical styles -native style, romantic, blues, or contemporary.  It plays well with other instruments like piano & guitar. Aromatic cedar being a soft wood makes a warmer sound.  It is deeper in tone than the Sparrow Hawk flute. Very easy to play - Generates a meditative tranquil voice. It can be played as both a 5-hole or 6-hole flute.  It has 6 holes and comes with a leather tie that easily converts it into a 5-hole flute. When comfortable just remove the leather tie and experience the use of the 6-hole. 

Hear one of these flutes

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Odell makes each Redtail Hawk in Arizona from a solid piece of the finest cedar (instead of gluing two halves together as is so common) eliminating splits or separation caused by moisture of the breath. Each flute is finished with three coats of a non-toxic hardening oil for durability and clarity of sound, and it is precision-tuned so that it will blend perfectly with other instruments.

This High Spirits Flute also comes with an excellent DVD with Beginner and Intermediate lessons that includes instructions on how to play the flute, use different techniques, how to care for it, and more. An instructional booklet including fingering charts is also included.

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This is a large flute and not all people can comfortable play a flute this long. 
Mark down the tone holes from the chart below on a dowel or rolled up piece of paper to see if you can comfortably play this flute.

Key: G Minor - 6 Hole 
Wood: Aromatc Cedar
Total Length: 23 1/2"
Mouthpiece to first hole center: 11 5/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #2 center:  12 3/4"
Mouthpiece to hole #3 center: 13 7/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #4 center: 15 1/4"
Mouthpiece to hole #5 center: 16 3/8"
Mouthpiece to hole #6 center: 17 1/2"
Outside Diameter: 1 1/4"
Bore: 7/8"